About me

Less than two years after he first picked up a camera, David Wallace has built an inimitable style and a dedicated following - holding court amongst an inspiring new generation of digital photographers.


Recognised around the world for his arresting and impossible #WeLevitate shots - his own brand of photography magic - commissions for (among others) Adidas, Nike, Canon, Yeezy, Renault and Dr Martens have quickly followed, with features on HYPEBEAST and numerous appearances in Highsnobiety’s Ten Top Sneaker Photos.


The image that began a movement? A simple snapshot he took of some party poppers at a New Year’s Eve party. The dark, dynamic style of David’s work is now instantly recognisable to his thousands of fans, and has inspired continuous debate over the techniques he uses. He remains calmly, amusedly adamant: No Photoshop


Instagram - @DavidWallaceShoots


About the photos

The photos loaded with this site are the property and work of photographer David Wallace.


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